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Medical Intuition

A Medical Intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses his or her intuition to attempt to find the cause of a physical or emotional problem.

As you can see from this simple definition, a medical intuitive is many things. A good practitioner is insightful, discerning, perceptive, sensitive, and can easily read the energies given off by another person. All of us are just energy that’s vibrating at different frequencies–animals, plants, humans all exist as energy bodies. But no two people are the same, not even twins. Each twin has a different vibration, and if one of the two is sick, treatment can be directed only at the one who has the physiological issue. Like DNA or fingerprints, each of us is different; the energy we give off is different. Being an intuitive who can sense these vibrations is not easy, nor do many have the skill to do it. Dr. Marilyn is and does.


Each of us is born with unusual gifts. Some of these gifts are limited; some give people incredible abilities. Some gifted practitioners can sense people’s energy, and some go beyond the physical to see the energy inside another’s body. It is amazing to feel the strengths and weaknesses inherent in someone else’s body and to be able to sense another’s body functions. This makes it possible to truly identify the problems someone is experiencing.

Many people don’t realize what kind of gifts they possess until later in life, when circumstances occur that cause great anxiety. For Dr. Marilyn Chernoff, two events changed her life. After a presentation in Canberra, Australia, she suddenly realized that she had lost her sight. Her sense of touch and her awareness of her body were also impacted. In time, her sight and other senses returned. She realized that she had experienced extraordinary trauma and that she had no idea why that had happened to her or what had happened…but she could feel what her body was telling her. It took a second event to awaken her innate gifts, though. That event occurred when she was visiting the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Between these two periods of her life, she became aware of energies within her field.

She had gained an increased ability to sense energies in others as well as in herself, and now that she’d gained this intuitive sensing, she could distinguish energy distortion and weaknesses in people’s bodies. All of this resulted in the realization that her gifts could be given to others. As she healed herself, she knew others could be helped, too.

Energies are the same in humans and animals, and thus all manner of problems can be treated in both: physical, emotional, structural, and mental. When treating a person (or animal), energies are exhibited. These energies can be analyzed and used to solve health issues. Dr. Marilyn does not have to be physically close to an individual to assess the problem and provide solutions.

Most people come to healers like Dr. Marilyn after they have exhausted conventional treatments or when doctors feel they cannot offer a solution. Patients like this may be experiencing many health problems. These issues have to be treated singularly, one at a time—it’s similar to peeling an onion—since each “layer” is an issue. When one layer is cleared, the others will need a solution…but eventually, all the layers of a problem will be peeled away and there will be healing.

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“The Doctor of the future will give No Medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” — Thomas Ava Edison