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The Healing Center

During her last few years as a teacher, Marilyn Chernoff became more and more concerned about the rising number of students who were taking drugs for ADD and ADHD. There had to be other—better!—solutions, she thought. She proceeded to learn more, eventually becoming an Iridologist, Master Herbalist, PhD, and Naturopath.

In 1996, Dr. Marilyn Chernoff opened the Healing Center in Albuquerque with the intent of helping children and adults find healing through alternative solutions. Soon, she realized that many people were suffering from allergies and pain, and as she continued to learn more and more, she expanded her practice so that she could help infants, teens, adults, senior clients, and even animals. Her extensive education and over twenty years of experience in dealing with a broad range of issues allows her to offer solutions that work for each individual’s set of problems and concerns.

One tool and technique she often utilizes is known as NAET. This treatment uses acupressure and energy to reduce and treat pain and allergies. It is the client’s body that instructs the practitioner, providing information on what the body is experiencing, telling the practitioner what is wrong and where the problems exist, and providing the information that’s needed to clear or reduce the allergy or pain issue.

Dr. Marilyn Chernoff’s primary office is located in Albuquerque, NM, with secondary locations in Colorado and California. Visitors to the website can take a moment to view her credentials, including her long and diligent study of NAET (as both a board member and a certified instructor). She only uses homeopathic and natural solutions when dealing with physiological problems.

Introduction to Healing with NAET

In 1983 Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D., D.C., L.Ac, Ph.D, discovered NAET and began extensive research and development for a new, effective approach to the diagnosis and elimination of allergies. Dr. Nambudripad’s knowledge in Eastern and Western medicine gave her the insight and guidance to develop this unique treatment in order to overcome her own serious allergic reactions to various foods and many of her own allergy-based disorders including: arthritis, eczema, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia , clinical depression, and her son’s attention deficit hyperactive disorder, her husband’s irritable bowel disorders, her father’s diabetes, her mother’s asthma and stroke, to name a few, all of which were caused by food allergies.

Currently, conventional medicine uses skin or blood tests for diagnosing allergies and standard drug therapy to control symptoms for temporary relief. In contrast, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) is an innovative treatment for allergies which corrects the underlying problem, and is completely natural, painless, and non-invasive. This method can be used safely on anyone, even on newborn infants, the elderly, comatose patients and pets. In addition, NAET can complement other medical therapies requiring the use of pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation) to treat for any side effects and to maximize the effectiveness of the drugs. NAET has helped thousands of people all over the world and continues to revolutionize the practice of medicine.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET®, are a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine. One allergen is treated at a time. If you are not severely immune deficient, you may need just one treatment to desensitize one allergen. A person with mild to moderate amount of allergies may take about 15-20 office visits to desensitize 15-20 food and environmental allergens. Basic essential nutrients are treated during the first few visits. Chemicals, environmental allergens, vaccinations, immunizations, etc. are treated after completing about ten basic essential nutrients. NAET® can successfully eliminate adverse reactions to egg, milk, peanuts, penicillin, aspirin, mushrooms, shellfish, latex, grass, ragweed, flowers, perfume, animal dander, animal epithelial, make-up, chemicals, cigarette smoke, pathogens, heat, cold, other environmental agents. It may take several office visits to desensitize a severe allergen.

Dr. Marilyn ChernoffDR. Marilyn’s Training and Coursework in NAET: The following list includes at least 35 Training’s and Seminars she has participated and helped facilitate since 1996. She is an authorized NAET instructor who can qualify and re-certify NAET with over 9,000 specialists and practitioners around the world.

She is one of the most qualified and trained professionals in NAET.

  • Basic: Licensed medical practitioner has learned to evaluate, locate and eliminate food and environmental allergies. – 10/96
  • Advanced I: NAET Basic trained practitioner has learned to eliminate combination treatments, complicated NAET cases, commonly seen emotional blockages, exercise induced allergies, and person to person allergies. – 7/97
  • Advanced II A: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia – 8/08, 11/07, 7/06, 7/06, 10/02, 10/02, 7/02, 7/00
  • Advanced II B: Immune System Disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular – 6/07, 5/03
  • Advanced II C Part I: Meridian Association Time, Mirror Technique, Detox, Radiation – 4/06, 6/04, 7/03
  • Advanced II D: Male & Female Infertility, Female Disorders, Thyroid Imbalances, Melt Your Fat – 4/06, 10/03, 10/03
  • Advanced II E: Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nose/Throat, Treatment Enhancement – 8/05, 8/05
  • Advanced II F: Nutrition in NAET, Substance Abuse, Managing Various Addictions with NAET – 8/05, 8/05
  • Advanced II G: Pain Management, Vulvodynia – 8/09, 5/06, 10/05, 8/04
  • Advanced II H: Cellular Memory Imbalances, Interpersonal Energetic Imbalances – 6/07, 5/06, 10/05, 11/04
  • Advanced II I: Chemical, Environmental, Seasonal Allergies, Physical Agents – 11/04
  • Advanced II J: Overcoming Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Anti Aging Secrets – 2/04
  • Advanced II M: Reflux Disorders, Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhea – 9/07
  • Advanced II N: Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn`s Disease, Diverticulosis – 9/07
  • Advanced II O: Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorders – 11/07