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When you own a pet or animal, you know when they are in distress: they may not eat, they may sleep too much, they may be lethargic or have skin problems or bad breath. They may do things they normally do not, such as barking uncontrollably and hiding.

By using NAET, it’s possible to sense the energy imbalance in animals the same way energy imbalances in humans can be sensed. When it comes to pets, though, understanding energies is a way to identify problems–the pet, after all, is not able to verbally communicate what is wrong. The core problem may be a simple issue relating to diet, food, infections, or a reaction to chemicals. The pet may have an emotional problem: pet owners with more than one pet know that when one dies, the other often changes, becoming distressed or fussy. The remaining pet may be overly protective and lose its desire to play. In this case, the energies of the remaining pet have been affected by the loss of the other one. Healing the emotional distress allows the pet to have a normal life.

Treating humans and animals is the same process:
it comes down to looking for an imbalance, looking for the root cause, and identifying methods to address it. It is important to look at the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms. That way, the solution solves the problem!

Dr. Marilyn has successfully treated racehorses, emotionally changing the one who kept losing and so that he could win. She’s treated cats, dogs, birds, and many other animals in a similar fashion. (Symptoms have often included bleeding gums, gas, loss of hair, diarrhea, skin problems, joint weakness, arthritis, and emotional disturbances.)

Animals respond beautifully to energy treatments–they don’t question the treatments, they just accept them, making healing easier and more effective.

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