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“Thank you for being you. Thank you for saving me from getting depressed as I age. Thank you for helping my family maintain their health, both mentally and physically.

Thank you for being so smart and being so wonderful and using your gifts to benefit mankind. Knowing you has made my life so much better—I had lost so many dear friends and family members, but then you came along and rejuvenated my spirit.

I just love you. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

— Ann


“This is my testimonial about an allergy treatment given to me and my daughter by Dr. Chernoff.

I can’t remember exactly when it all began, although I do remember that I seemed to be feeling inner tension while I was pregnant with my daughter. After I delivered her, they put her on my stomach. I felt so much love for her! But when I tried to nurse her, she fought me. (Granted, I was a new mother and didn’t know what I was doing, but this went on for many months, long after I had figured out how to breast feed properly.)

When I first brought my baby daughter home from the hospital, I assumed that she would respond to me as much as I responded to her, that she would feel our bond as much as I did. But when she woke in the middle of the night (which happened almost every two hours), I would get up and change her diaper and she would give me a look from hell. I was baffled—she would look at me with a crease between her small eyebrows as if to say, “Who are you and why are you here?” That broke my heart…but again, I wrote my discomfort off to being a new mom and not understanding my infant daughter.

Fast-forward a few years. Things had gotten better, yes, but they were still tough: my daughter was headstrong and defiant. I assumed that many kids were like that, so I wrote it off again. But there seemed to be a tension I couldn’t ignore. This tension remained in place throughout her childhood and into her adulthood. When I hugged her, she would hug back, but something was missing…I didn’t know what. I am not sure I can describe what was going on—it was sort of an opposites-repelling kind of feeling.

Mind you, there was no question in my mind that I love this child/woman and she loves me. We’ve spent many rough times together battling her asthma and getting through various crises together. Still, something was wrong. Something was missing.

Recently, during one of my visits to see Dr. Chernoff, she told me that people can be allergic to one another. I asked her if this might be the case with me and my daughter. “Yes,” she said.

Long story short, we were both treated for our mutual allergies to one another. (Who would have guessed???) Very soon after treatment, things began to shift and flow in a more positive direction. I never told my daughter about my revelation and the allergy treatment—her half was done long-distance—and I probably never will. But now our relationship is definitely smoother, more loving, less confrontational, and more genuine.

Of all the treatments and all the blessings I have received from Dr. Chernoff, this was without a doubt the best and most priceless gift of them all.

With love and gratitude”

— Nancy P.


“During my first appointment with Dr. Chernoff, she sat me down and explained that while testing me the night before, she had found out that some of my issues were due to throat problems—namely, I was experiencing a virus and extreme stress related to my throat. I was flabbergasted by her statement—while I had filled out paper work, I hadn’t turned it in until minutes before my appointment, so there was no way she could have known how accurate she was. I also don’t talk about my throat-related trauma with people, so she could not have heard about it from my friend.

Here’s how accurate she was: when I was eight years old, I was strangled by my father and nearly died. But being so young when it happened, I blocked the trauma from my mind. The only scar I had was that I could not wear anything close to my neck without feeling like I was being choked. When I was 17, my parents finally divorced and I went through counseling. Through the counseling, I discovered the memory of having nearly been strangled. My Mother confirmed it—she was the one who had ripped my father’s hands off my throat. She had seen it all happen. The counseling helped, but I still could not wear a necklace, crew-neck shirt or turtle-neck shirt without grabbing at my neck and gasping for breath.

Being naïve, I tried to have a relationship with my father despite what he’d done. A few months after my 21st birthday, my father came down for a visit to meet my new husband and his family. To make a long story short, there was a huge fight, whereupon I severed my relationship with my father and swore never to speak to him again. Two weeks after that incident, I ended up with not only mono, but with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. (I basically had a virus in my thyroid that was causing it to go haywire.) The irony of the situation was too great for me to not to realize the incidents were somehow related.

I am now 34. I’ve tried emotional therapy, counseling, and other methods to get rid of the subconscious feeling of being choked. I just wanted to wear a necklace without that reminder. I wanted my husband to be able to touch my neck without me going into defense mode. I wanted to be normal. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Now you understand why I was so flabbergasted by Dr. Chernoff’s statement.

That day, she treated me for a virus and stress. When I left her office that day, I honestly didn’t believe that what she had done would actually work. Don’t get me wrong—I did feel better, as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders—but I still didn’t believe she would be able to get rid of the choking feeling I had put up with for so long.

The next morning proved me wrong…and I hadn’t even completed my 25-hour adjustment period! I woke up calm and happy, with my sheet and comforter touching the front of my throat. Any time before the treatment, I would have been gasping for air; I would have ripped the sheets and comforter away from me. Not this time. I lay there for several minutes with the sheets lying across my throat, waiting for the panic to hit, but there was only calm. Then I cried for joy.

It has been several months since that first treatment, and now I can wear necklaces, crew-neck shirts, and turtle-neck shirts. My husband can touch my throat without causing me to remember that horrible day. I can go all day long without pulling things away from my neck and gasping for a single breath. It’s too incredible for words to explain. I AM FINALLY FREE!”


“Our first experience with Dr. Chernoff was in June. I have to say that I was very skeptical as to whether or not her treatments would make a difference in my son’s behavior—he had exhibited very aggressive and angry behavior both at home and occasionally at day-care. At home, for example, he would throw temper tantrums, scream and yell, and become very argumentative and dictative. Needless to say, I began treatments because I was anxious to see a change in his behavior.

The first treatment required three of us to restrain my son because he became so angry and aggressive. I became very emotional because I had never seen him react in this manner. After several treatments, however, I noticed changes in his behavior: he was more willing to listen and was not so hyperactive.

In October, my son was treated for Vitamin B and sugar allergies. After these treatments, I noticed a significant change in his behavior. To my amazement, in fact, he exhibited a very calm and loving behavior shortly after these treatments. He is now cooperative, agreeable, extremely affectionate, calm, and relaxed.

In addition, I have had several treatments which have helped my own allergy problems. I am expecting a baby in a few months and am thrilled to know that the baby has also received these treatments.

I am truly amazed at the behavioral changes these treatments have brought about and highly recommend Dr. Chernoff’s services. Over the past several months, she has helped my son tremendously.

I thank God that Dr. Chernoff has been part of our lives! Thank you for all your help.


— Dayna G.


“Background: I am president of a mortgage banking company.

That day: it started like any other day. Then, just before noon, it happened—my mind went almost blank. I could not concentrate on anything. I could not remember phone numbers, including my own cell phone number; I could not recognize mortgage programs that I work with on a daily basis. I went almost completely blank—it was as though my mind had become unplugged. Throughout the entire afternoon, nothing registered.

Unbeknownst to me, I was having an allergic reaction to a chemical called bismuth. Upon awakening the next morning, I felt normal again. Phone numbers were coming back to me. By the time I arrived in my office, I felt completely normal, like nothing had happened.

The diagnosis: although bismuth is rarely used in industrial applications, its frequent therapeutic preparation uses can cause drug poisoning. Some of the symptoms are musculoskeletal abnormalities, rheumatic pain, indigestion, dermatitis, and protein in the urine. Sometimes—and this is what happened to me—bismuth can cause the sudden onset of Alzheimer’s.”