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“I cannot be thankful enough for the allergy treatments my cats have received from Dr, Chernoff. Without her treatments, I’m sure that Scooter, the Terminator, and Puff would not be very healthy—AND I would have spent a fortune in vet bills for medicine and antibiotics which I now know they’re also allergic to!!

When I picked up the Terminator one day after noticing he had been occasionally vomiting, I was shocked to realize that he had lost a lot a weight. After being treated for an allergy to his food (which turned out to be artificial sweeteners), even my husband had to admit the Terminator had visibly started gaining weight the following week. Not only that, the cat was no longer vomiting.

Scooter had symptoms of urinary infections and was treated for two bacteria infections (including salmonella).

Puff, our 14 year-old, had had a tooth infection and had been treated for salt mix and salmonella. When we took him in for a subsequent teeth cleaning, the vet discovered that he had a fractured jaw. It was odd—there was no evidence of bruising or broken skin, and he had been eating up to that day (in fact, he was overweight!). The vet wired Puff’s bottom jaw together; due to this procedure, Puff was anesthetized twice and was put on amoxicillin. After seeing you, he was treated for being allergic to anesthesia, amoxicillin (he was vomiting), and calcium. Not only did she help him overcome these allergic reactions, she was able to tell us which baby foods he was not allergic to so that we could slowly nurse him back to health.

The best thing that has happened after treating Puff for an allergy to Scooter and treating Scooter for an allergy to testosterone is that Puff has changed from being a scared and timid cat to being a healthy and assertive cat. He’s since found a new pal in Scooter—instead of hissing at each other, now they sleep together!!

Dr. Chernoff, thank you so much for giving my pets a quality of life that would have been impossible without your allergy treatments.


— Diane M.
Albuquerque, NM


“Thank you, Dr. Chernoff, for helping my dogs. We have three golden retrievers, and they’ve all benefited from your great work. I don’t know what we would do without you!

Katie, our twelve year-old, had a growth on her head by her eye. One of the other dogs insisted in “caring” for her to so much that the growth would bleed. This prompted my husband to take Katie to the veterinarian to have the growth removed. Despite the time and expense involved, however, the growth reappeared about a month later. I asked my husband if Dr. Chernoff could give it a try. After a couple of treatments (for animal fat and artificial sweeteners), the growth disappeared! It has been about six months and there’s no sign of it returning. Thanks for getting to the “root cause!”

I also have to tell you about my other two dogs, Charlie and Maggie. Charlie has had some problems with his skin, especially on his front paw. It irritated him to the point that he was nibbling his skin—it was hairless, raw, and bleeding. Dr. Chernoff would treat him and it would get better…but then he would have the same problem all over again. After many treatments, she treated him for an allergy to Maggie. Not only did it clear up Charlie’s skin problem for good, I feel like I got a two-for-one treatment because of what it’s done for Maggie! Maggie used to be very difficult to live with. She would growl at the other dogs, especially Katie. Basically, she was a very grumpy, unhappy dog. After Dr. Chernoff treated Charlie for an allergy to Maggie, Maggie changed! She is now happy and sweet. She even kisses the other dogs. Even my husband can’t believe the change in Maggie’s emotional outlook and behavior.

Once again, Dr. Chernoff to the rescue!

All my love and thanks,”

— Nancy


“I woke up one morning recently and began my usual daily routine by feeding my cats, Grace and Bliss. As they often do, the girls had spent that night out on the spacious open-air balcony. When I placed the girls’ food and fresh water on the balcony, I noticed Bliss was missing. I panicked and began to call out her name. To my horror, I heard her little cries coming from the ground…three stories below!

I ran down to get her, not sure what I would find. To my great relief, she was standing upright and was very vocal about her unceremonious removal from the balcony. I carried her back upstairs. As soon as she was in the door, she exploded in happy purring.

Within an hour of Bliss having been retrieved, Grace started vomiting violently and crying. I immediately called Dr. Chernoff and asked her to check out the girls remotely and let me know if Bliss had sustained any internal or head injuries. I needed to find out what was causing Grace such distress.

In the meantime, I called my local vet. (She travels in a mobile pet vet van; her specialty is that she comes to her clients.) When I told her about Bliss’ traumatic fall and Grace’s symptoms, she said she would come right over.

When I heard back from Dr. Chernoff, she was thrilled to tell me that Bliss was in fact fine. She was clearing her for “trauma,” but there was no internal bleeding and no head injuries; Bliss seemed to have at least eight full cat lives left. Then Dr. Chernoff told me that Grace was suffering from azalea poisoning and that that had also been a factor in Bliss becoming disoriented and taking a header over the balcony ledge. She assured me that she would also clear the girls for the toxic flower exposure and that they should both bounce back very rapidly.

I had had no idea that azalea flowers were poisonous to cats and dogs—I had just purchased a beautiful blooming plant that was adding wonderful color to the balcony. Before I had a chance to hang up the phone with Dr. Chernoff and remove the toxic influence, my vet was knocking at my door.

Over the years I have had as many NAET clearings for my cats as I have had for myself: they have been treated for everything from bladder infections to behavioral problems. I hung up the phone with Dr. Chernoff and opened the door to let the vet in. She immediately walked out to the balcony, turned to me, and said, “Well, here is Grace’s problem—this plant is poisonous to felines.” She pointed to the azalea which moments before Dr. Chernoff had identified as the source of the problem over the phone.

In addition to making sure that Bliss hadn’t suffered any damage from her fall, the vet thought it best to examine Grace while she was there. She was astounded when I reminded her that the girls were twelve years old. She kept going on about how incredibly healthy their fur was, and their eyes, and their teeth. After physically examining Bliss, my vet confirmed what Dr. Chernoff had been able to determine from New Mexico, two thousand miles away from my home in Florida—Bliss had managed to walk away from her three-story fall without a single injury.

The vet concluded that Grace and Bliss had survived their ordeal so well because they were in such good shape to begin with. I knew it was because they had had ongoing NAET treatments and because Dr. Chernoff had immediately treated the girls for the azalea poisoning and Bliss for trauma.

By the end of that day, both Grace and Bliss were their usual happy and contented selves—no one would have been able to tell how sick and shaken up they’d been only hours before. The vet sent a bill for the house call and I paid Marilyn for the clearings. The knowledge that Marilyn and NAET is only a phone call away is PRICELESS!”


“Dr. Chernoff,

Thank goodness you treat animals! Maggie, my 8 year-old Bichon Frise was ill one morning with diarrhea. I called your office to see what was wrong. In the meantime, one of my coworkers gave Maggie a dog treat called “a greenie.” After that, Maggie became violently ill, and vomiting was soon added to her list of problems. She was so ill and uncomfortable that I became very worried that she had a blockage of the “greenie” because of the way she was straining and pacing (she had had surgery five years ago to have bladder stones removed). You called and said she was reacting to MSG because the “greenie” “was loaded with MSG.”

I was very worried about Maggie. I had to go to work that night and asked you if I should leave work to come back home and check on her—she just couldn’t lie down or get comfortable. You said that she would settle down soon and that I should go to work; she would be fine. Twenty minutes later, she jumped up on the couch and lay down and went to sleep. I was amazed!

When I came home nine hours later, Maggie met me at the door wagging her tail and acting perfectly normal and happy! She has been fine ever since. Since she is an older dog and had had such a major problem five years ago, I was very afraid for her. I feel much better knowing that she can be treated by the same NAET treatments I’ve been having for a year and a half.

Thank you so much for taking care of my Maggie!”

— Paula
Westminster, Colorado


“Sundance’s Copper Penny (or “Penny,” as she is most often called) is my first horse. I bought her four years ago after having taken horseback riding lessons for almost a full year. I continued to take lessons—specifically, with Penny—and learned how to communicate with her in the most gentle and direct method I could find. We worked hard together for two years.

But in spite of all our hard work, Penny didn’t seem to be any closer to bonding with me. In comparison, the other horses she boarded with would at least glance at me when I approached them. Some would come up to me and they all would acknowledge my arrival… all of them except my own horse.

During one visit with Dr. Chernoff, I was discussing my adventures in horseback riding. I happened to mention Penny’s unwillingness to bond and how it was becoming a concern for me. Dr. Chernoff asked a few more questions about Penny’s past – several owners, no continuity in her life in terms of commitment, a move across the country – and then she simply stated, “Penny is grieving.” The thought had never occurred to me.

I asked Dr. Chernoff if there might be any kind of intervention, and we talked at some length about a method of distance healing. A week later, I brought in a picture of Penny and asked Dr. Chernoff if we could give the distance healing a try. That night she intervened on behalf of Penny. What followed changed both of our lives.

Two days later, I drove out to the barn as usual. As I walked up to the pasture where Penny and her herd were grazing, three or four heads shot up to see who was approaching. One set of eyes followed me more closely than the others, and the horse turned toward me and began to walk in my direction. It was Penny! She paused to sniff and then stood quietly as I placed a halter on her for the walk back to the arena. We had our lesson and some grooming time, and then I walked her back to the pasture. I released her and began to walk away. Throughout it all, she never took her eyes off of me.

The next week went the same way. Each time I visited, in fact, she was more attentive than she had been before. Our relationship and our riding soon began to evolve into a partnership. Penny’s seemingly troubled mind has been at ease ever since that fateful day. Everything between us seems to have changed overnight…specifically, the night that Dr. Chernoff had initiated Penny’s distance healing.

Thank you, Dr. Chernoff for helping to change Penny’s life… and mine.”


“My name is Magic. I am an almost-two-years-old border collie.

I was bred to herd sheep, so I usually have too much energy to contain, but for some reason, lately I have been feeling down. Lately, too, I have been limping on my front left leg. These days, I have been feeling so tired I haven’t even wanted to play with our foster puppies.

I hate going to the vet! I get so scared that I stop limping when I am there. My master Alison didn’t want to do X-rays because even though they cost a lot of money, they don’t often show what is going on.

So, instead of the vet, I went to see Dr. Chernoff with Alison. (I go everywhere she goes.) I like Dr. Chernoff–she was calm, so I was calm. Plus, I am smart, and by looking in her eyes, I could see that Dr. Chernoff “gets” how we dogs sense things on a spiritual level.

The humans talked a lot about a stomach abscess that they thought was causing my limp and low energy levels. Dr. Chernoff said my energy level was 30 out of 100…and I am a young dog built for speed!

My Alison scratched my tummy with her foot (niiiiicccce!) while Dr. Chernoff treated Allison.

Just by being there in the office, I felt better–my energy level was already at 70!

When I got home, I ran into the backyard and wanted to play with the puppies. I ran around and around in small circles, grabbed a rope, and ran the entire length of the yard really, really fast. I love to do that because I am especially good at keeping toys away from other dogs. The puppies still try to get the rope from me, but they haven’t caught me yet!

My limp is gone, too!

My Alison says that the twinkle in my eye has returned.”