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Our children are being born into the world with a magnitude of problems. These problems are result of many things: the global changes in our environment, the pervasive presence of chemicals in our society, toxic water and air, vaccinations, excessive use of antibiotics, poor nutrition, emotional imbalance, and a host of other issues. These factors weaken childrens’ and teens immune systems and correspondingly alter their lifestyles–they experience difficulties at home, at school, and in dealing with their peers. Normal treatments fail to recognize these factors because doctors are easily convinced that the problems must be caused by a virus or a bacteria. Typically, a regime of medical drugs and treatments is prescribed to combat these systemic problems. If doctors realized that these health issues were stemming from an allergic response to food or a chemical or a fungus (or were due to hormonal imbalances), doubtless they would prefer to employ an easier solution than what’s conventionally recommended. However, the medical industry does not view systemic health problems in this way, and they are not swayed by the fact that alternative medicine does work.

Children are sponges. They absorb everything, both good and bad. They learn good habits and bad habits from others. They react quickly to almost anything–thus, they can attract an allergic reaction, a food issue, or emotional distress in a matter of minutes. In most cases, treating these symptoms does not require pills or chemicals; rather, it requires having an understanding of the child’s impacted energies. Once these energies have been cleared, the child reacts quickly to any treatment, far faster than adults can.

NAET is used as a tool to desensitize an allergic response. For example, a child with a chronic cough, constant runny nose, and gastrointestinal problems–or one with stomachaches, diarrhea, headaches and growing pains–may be treated by identifying the source which caused the symptoms. Once this cause has been identified, treating the child for his or her allergy to that particular thing will result in his/her whole host of symptoms and problems being eliminated.

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