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“I’m finding out that a person can get tremors for a variety of reasons…several of which apparently affect me. When people get tremors, they’re terrified that they may be getting Parkinson’s disease—I know I was worried about it. Then I started noticing that my tremors seemed to be tied to my eating habits and stress. (I’ve never done well eating carbohydrates or sugar.) Since I’ve always been hypoglycemic, I figured my problem was incorrect utilization of sugar. Turns out that I was partially right. What Dr. Chernoff found was that the sugar derived from carbohydrates was not being correctly utilized in my blood. She did a blood/carbohydrate clearing. For the week following the clearing, I did feel bouts of trembling. Now, however, a week-and-a-half later, I seem to be tremor free! I’ve been eating carbohydrates and experimenting with going long periods without food (two things that I used to get tremors from doing.) I have done so without the usual bad results—that can only be because the NAET clearing worked. I am thrilled with these results! (Tremors and shakes are so embarrassing!) What I’ve experienced shows that self- diagnosis is not always the answer. I never associated carbohydrates with my tremors the way I associated sugar with them, yet Marilyn found the connection right away. Thanks one more time!”

— Carolyn A. S.


“Thank You!

I am in Rochester, New York right now, right where I grew up and right where I’ve had severe seasonal allergies all my life. This time of year used to be treacherous for me…but guess what? Now I feel great! Woo-hoo, I feel free!

Yay for me!

Thanks again”

— Danielle


“I am writing with much appreciation in my heart! You have been able to help rid me of my marijuana addiction, an addiction that’s afflicted me for all of my adult life. (Thirty-five years, to be exact.)

I had tried EVERYTHING: treatment centers, twelve-step programs, psychiatrists, anti-depression drugs, hypnotherapy, relocation, changing my friends and my environments, old-fashioned will power. Nothing had been able to keep me from giving into my cravings.

Due to your treatments, however, I no longer have cravings…and so I no longer have the desire to smoke.

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for your help and insight into the causes of my pain and addiction.

With much light”

— Terrie S.


“I have been lucky enough to experience NAET first-hand through my daughters’ allergy treatments. I have watched them overcome reactions to all kinds of food and environmental illnesses. I’ve seen their immune systems get stronger. And I’ve come to know who they really are, without the behavior alterations that are caused by allergic reactions.

But I was not prepared to experience the miracle of this process myself.

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately—I just got a new promotion at work, my husband teaches full-time during the day and coaches in the evenings, and we have two very demanding little girls (ages 21 months and 5 years). Sleep has been at a premium and my bad habits have surfaced—I’ve been drinking lots of caffeine in order to keep myself going.

Recently, I woke up and found that my right breast was very tender and lumpy in one area. (This was out of sync with my regular menstrual cycle and its typical accompanying breast tenderness.) I was scared. Just resting my arm on the tender area or getting a hug from one of the girls really hurt.

I made an appointment with my OBG and she did a breast exam. She asked general questions: had I been under a lot of stress lately, had I made any changes in my diet, etc. Of course I answered yes to most of her questions. After completing the breast exam, she didn’t think there was anything to be concerned about, but she ordered a mammogram and ultrasound just be sure. I’m 38 and had not yet had a mammogram; I wasn’t excited about going through one with a very painful breast.

While Dr. Marilyn Chernoff was doing a treatment for the girls, I asked her on the side if she could tell what might be going on with me. She told me right away that it was an allergy to caffeine and that she could treat me for it.

I had never experienced a treatment myself—I’d only experienced my daughters’ treatments vicariously and had witnessed their varying reactions during the 25-hour avoidance period. I was not prepared for how intensely my body would detox. I felt truly awful for a day and could do little more than curl up in bed.

After the detox, I felt much better; within two days, the pain in my breast was gone. I cancelled the mammogram and ultrasound and have had no pain since the treatment. I also have not been craving caffeine nearly as much. My energy levels have been higher and I’ve been able to drink water and feel completely satisfied.

I have no doubt that Dr. Chernoff stopped a process that would have eventually led to a major illness. The standard tests would not have found anything to speak of, just as my OBG did not. After my experience, I wonder how many major illnesses and diagnoses could be arrested using NAET.

My OBG had started down the right track by asking questions regarding possible causes, but there had been no correlations drawn, no thorough investigation of underlying issues. Once again, I have no idea how significant health situations in my family would have turned out had it not been for the excellent care we’ve all received from Dr. Chernoff and NAET. It is truly a revolutionary approach to health care: it provides real, tangible, life-altering results.”

— Kerren


“The entire NAET process has changed many aspects of our lives…for the better! My daughter Danielle and I have blossomed and grown not only physically and mentally, but spiritually as well. The treatments are the big “missing” piece of the puzzle that we’ve been searching for for so many years. I can’t even begin to express our gratitude, happiness, and love for Dr. Chernoff. To put it simply, she has saved our lives.

My suffering with allergies began when I was about 24: heavy metals, an inability to digest fats, fatigue, foggy brain, hyperactivity…the list could go on and on. I researched “alternative methods” since I never felt good after taking pharmaceutical prescriptions—which is what the “conventional” doctors always prescribed when I would see a doctor to find out what was wrong with me. More often then not, they could never find anything specific; I began to think my problems were either due to stress or that they just existed “in my mind.” (More often than not, doctors told me the latter.)

After years of not feeling good and taking pills without any of my problems ever being cured, I found a doctor, Hazel Parcels, who prescribed simple treatments for me. I was amazed at how much better I felt! For example, my allergy to heavy metals was alleviated by taking baths in water to which I alternated adding Clorox and salt and soda ; I made the water as hot as I could manage and bathed that way for 30-40 minutes a day for two weeks. The treatments completely got rid of the stiffness in my joints! I also stopped getting hives and having fits of hyperventilating. After making few diet changes (i.e., reducing my fat intake) and drinking distilled water for a period of time, I was well again.

Dr. Parcels passed away, and again I found myself in search of a doctor who could do what she had done. My urgency to find one came after I had had my daughter, Danielle. At age 4, she suffered from severe food allergies—hives, vomiting, not digesting her food or the nutrients her body needed. I believed her allergies were a result of having taken antibiotics for 10 months (10 days at a time) because of recurring urinary tract infections. I advised her pediatrician that I wanted to take her to a specialist because I did not want her to take so many antibiotics; I also believed that something else was wrong with her urinary system and wanted a more-thorough diagnosis. The pediatrician dropped me as a client!

Danielle needed to have a cystoscopy, which—shortly after surgery—corrected the problem. When I found her next pediatrician, I said that I felt the months of antibiotics that Danielle had taken had caused the food allergies. Research and common sense told me that antibiotics take out both good and bad bacteria—most likely, her beneficial gut flora had been wiped out. I was told everything from, “it couldn’t happen that way” to “you’re being overprotective and irrational about it.” One allergy specialist wanted to put her back on antibiotics, saying that it was a stomach bacteria that was causing all of her symptoms and that further antibiotics would be the “best” way to treat her condition. Needless to say, I dropped the physician and refused his treatment.

My daughter and I both have seen acupuncturists, alternative MDs, chiropractors (natural methods), consulted a nutritionist, etc. What we found was that one symptom (or allergy) would be better for a while…but then a new allergy or illness would appear, or an old illness would reappear with worse symptoms.

During all the years we spent in search of better health, not one “professional” referred, discussed, or even mentioned NAET treatments to us. I found out about them from a lady working at my veterinarian’s office—she had gone through the treatments and highly recommended Dr. Chernoff. It has been my experience that for whatever reason (fear of losing clientele, professional jealousy, etc.), many of the natural, homeopathic alternative medical professionals are hugely disserving their patients by not informing them about NAET treatments. After all, isn’t the patient’s best interest and health the most important issue?

I’d like to see information about NAET be made more readily available to the public; there should be a networking referral system amongst health professionals. They are the best individuals to get the necessary information to their patients—there’s already a “trust factor” present in the professional-patient relationship. People are more willing to listen to the advice of someone they’ve done business with in the past. Fortunately for my state of mind, I am not upset about the years I spent not experiencing the best of health—I believe there are reasons for everything in our lives and that timing plays an important role in those reasons.

My daughter and I are just thankful to have found such comprehensive, effective treatment, treatment that seems to be so simple and logical (although I’m sure it’s more complicated than one would think). We are indeed spreading the word!

Best regards

P.S. Danielle’s eczema has cleared up, and I’ve been told I look 35 (I’m almost 50)!”

— Kimberly S.
Albuq. NM


“Honestly, I don’t know where a West-Nile-positive mosquito might’ve found me—I haven’t been near a running body of water or out camping or anything like that. Perhaps the wet weather we’ve been having lately has helped the little buggers to get around better.

There is one thing I do know, however: you helped me greatly. I couldn’t believe how quickly your distant treatment worked—thank you so much!

Starting mid-week last week, I had a slow amplification of many symptoms which had been improving greatly under your care. The worst ones were nasal congestion and itchy skin—it was so bad that I had scratch-induced bleeding rashes in many places. I was also experiencing pressure in my eyes and head.

By Sunday, I was somewhat feverish, had a complete lack of energy, heavy thoughts, and a full-blown headache/pressure. My skin was itching even more than before. All of this was so overwhelming that I was bedridden for the entire day. I was blowing my nose constantly, but to no avail.

Monday came, and I had commitments I had to meet. Aside from that, I was tired of staying in bed, so by dint of sheer willpower I got up and began a busy day. Fairly early that morning, Nancy called and told me that you had diagnosed me as having West Nile virus. I was extremely surprised at the diagnosis.

I don’t know exactly when you started treating me, but it must’ve been within a few short hours. It seemed like a switch was thrown: I felt ALL of my energy return, NO headache and NO pressure in my head or eyes, and a DRASTIC reduction in my nasal congestion. It was obvious to me that all of this happened as a result of your efforts. I’m happy to report that the rest of my day passed by just as easily…

For anyone who may read this, I don’t know if this virus would have killed me or permanently injured me in some way, but I do know that Dr. Chernoff stopped it dead in its tracks. The potential for bad consequences was very real.

And the fact remains that after literally “flat-lining” in May of ‘05, convulsing unconsciously more recently on another occasion, having been admitted to the ER on 10 occasions in less than 15 months, and having almost died on two other occasions due to a recent development of “allergic asthma,” ever since I have been under Dr. Chernoff’s care, I have been completely out of the danger zone, have no need for any pharmaceuticals or inhalers, nor do I have any shortness of breath or any other issues related to getting an adequate supply of air into and out of my lungs. I still have other non-life-threatening (though irritating) symptoms to clear, but even they are lessening one by one as I continue to receive help. I have my life back…and it’s great to be alive!

Thank you”

— Martin


“Our lives would be so different without you!

I have multiple sclerosis—I had fuzzy vision in my right eye, prickly sensations in my feet, and, at times, difficulty with walking. I also had debilitating weaknesses come and go on a daily/weekly basis. I was planning for a future spent in a wheelchair.

Dr. Chernoff sharpened my vision, stopped the prickly sensations, helped me to walk normally again, and gave me my energy back. She also diagnosed a virus in my mouth with amazing speed and accuracy and then treated it after a specialist MD had given me no hope that the condition could be helped. I was symptom-free for nine months, then had a small recurrence and another treatment. Since then, I’ve been symptom-free for about a year and a half. My mouth problem had caused me extreme pain–I am so grateful that she could help me and keep the virus at bay. Now I know where to go if it crops up again! NAET could be viewed as an ongoing treatment for chronic conditions rather than as a cure; nonetheless, it’s an effective treatment.

I had some health problems that my neurologist and cardiologist were having difficulty pinning down: during a trip to the emergency room, for example, my heart rate was over 200 beats per minute. I was in grave trouble until it slowed down. The doctors were puzzled. I had multiple incidences that were accompanied by extreme weakness. After EKGs and other diagnostic tests had been done, I mentioned my problems to Dr. Chernoff. She thought that I was extremely deficient in manganese and recommended I find a manganese supplement. I did. Since taking it, I have not had another episode.

My son has ADHD, yet his grades went from C’s to A’s after only two treatments. We continue to use NAET to improve his ADHD. Dr. Marilyn Chernoff has been a godsend to our family: she is an amazing diagnostician and able to tackle some difficult problems that traditional medicine cannot.


— Kristine N.


“When I was 7 years old my friend was going to teach me how to play golf. He told me the first rule of golf was not to stand behind the golfer. He then asked me if I was ready for him to show me how to play. Of course never having played golf before I did not know just how far the golf club swung back. My friend wanted to hit the ball a long way and took a real hard swing. I was standing too close to him and during his backswing his driver hit my left ear knocking me out. After reviving me, he ran to get his mother who took one look at me and said we needed to get to the hospital right away. After 7 stitches in my left ear they sent me home with a warning I may not be able to hear out of that ear anymore. As I healed my hearing did come back but over time I kept experiencing more and more high frequency loss.

After turning 50 and getting increasingly frustrated not being able to hear well out of my left ear I went to an audiologist for a hearing test. They confirmed the high frequency loss in my left ear and told me the loss had gotten so great I needed a hearing aid. High frequency hearing loss makes it difficult to understand consonants and higher pitched voices (women and kids). It seemed I should fork over the big dollars for a hearing aid so I could again hear well.

I decided to ask Dr. Chernoff if there was anything NAET could do for me. She checked and said my left ear audio nerve was at 0% and I also needed a Eustachian tube treatment. She was able to combine the treatments in one session and while waiting my 20 minutes after treatment, I started having a pain in my left ear. The pain was not intense but noticeable and lasted on and off during the 25 hour clearing period. I can now hear much better in my left ear thanks to Dr. Chernoff and I don’t have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. Wow one NAET treatment or a lifetime of hearing aids and batteries, I made the right choice.

Thanks Dr. Chernoff!”

— Larry N.


“My daughter Amena suffered for three months, yet nobody could diagnose her problem. The pediatrician saw her eight times, during which period she took three rounds of various antibiotics. At the last appointment, he threw up his hands up in the air in defeat. She had very rosy cheeks, a nonstop runny nose, and made a gurgling, throaty sound with every breath she took – not to mention having heavy snoring and an insatiable appetite. Only 5% of children her age weighed what she weighed. We were waiting for a referral to have her tonsils and adenoids diagnosed for possible removal.

We were referred to Dr. Chernoff, and after one treatment (and two days later), I was living with a different child. She is now gaining weight, her cheeks aren’t as red as they used to be, her nose stopped running, and best of all, she is breathing normally! She was treated for RSV (respiratory virus)!

Both of us are now going through the basic allergy treatments. I am so astounded with the results! And the treatments are fast and easy. I can finally rest knowing that my daughter is well and that her little body is so much healthier. Plus, she’s finally gaining weight. Since my allergies are also being treated, I feel wonderful, too.

We need to spread the word!

Thank you, Dr. Chernoff.”

— Lori J.


I have a true story I’d like to tell.

First of all, Dr. Chernoff made me a true believer in her work and NAET treatments right from the beginning. And she has helped me come a very long way since then. But this story is truly amazing—it’s the icing on the icing on the cake.

Last year, I was diagnosed with double vision, which really made it difficult to read or look at fabric with vibrant colors. This was very detrimental to my occupation and business—I deal with clothing for babies and children, which means I’m looking at all kinds of fabrics all the time.

I told Dr. Chernoff about my problem and she said that an amoebic parasite was causing my double vision. Fortunately, she was able to treat it…and I no longer have double vision. My eye doctor was amazed. Before, she’d said that I could get rid of some of it with exercise. But guess what? It’s all gone now!!!

Dr. Chernoff, you are amazing. I love you very much.

Thank you!!!!!”


“I am president of a mortgage banking company and this particular day started like any other. Then, just before noon it occurs, my mind goes almost blank. I cannot concentrate on anything. I cannot remember phone numbers, including my own cell phone number and I cannot recognize mortgage programs that I work with on a daily basis. I went almost completely blank, as though, my mind became unplugged. The entire afternoon nothing improved.

When I went home that evening, my wife immediately called Dr. Chernoff. She determined that I was having an allergic reaction to a chemical called “bismuth” and arranged a treatment. Upon awaking in the morning, I felt normal again and the phone numbers were coming back to me.

By the time I arrived in my office I felt completely normal like nothing had happened. It was a bewildering experience that I am happy to have behind me and am extremely grateful to Dr. Chernoff and her expertise in NAET.”

— Andy


“I couldn’t sleep! It was starting all over again! Seventeen years ago I had a problem getting to sleep and if I woke up in the middle of the night, I had trouble getting back to sleep.

I didn’t want to go through that again – the arguments with the doctor as I didn’t want to take tranquilizers or sleeping pills, the prescription for Prozac along with a 60 pound gain in weight.

I called Dr. Chernoff – my most reliable source of and first choice for medical treatment. The cause – NOT serotonin –as all the previous medical “experts” had diagnosed – but estrogen. How sad it is when medical problems are misdiagnosed. That night after the treatment, I slept like a baby – and have ever since.

Thanks, again, Dr. Chernoff! You and the work you do are wonderful and so appreciated!

Albuquerque, NM”


“My little two-year-old daughter started getting eczema on her legs—her skin felt like fine sandpaper. Her thighs were red; the redness continued up to the legs of her cloth diaper, where it abruptly ended. As her condition worsened, she developed welted/raised areas on her thighs that were very red and inflamed. She also had very bad areas on the backs of her hands and the inside of her wrists. She was always scratching. She was even biting the insides of her wrists when they were bad. Scabs had formed as a results of her excessive scratching.

As her skin worsened, so did her mood. She would have trance-like crying spells where she would throw herself back on the floor and kick her feet, all the while screaming and crying. Nothing would make her stop. Tiny strange things would set her off, like my picking out the wrong outfit for her to wear, or moving her plate closer to her while she was eating. If we tried to engage her to play with us, she would resist. She only wanted to play if she chose to play. During her crying spells, we noticed that she couldn’t control her impulses—she would bite, hit, and scratch when she was upset. Her threshold for frustration was very, very low.

Of course, she was also very clingy when she was upset–she wanted to be carried everywhere. “Up, mama, up,” she would say when she was upset. Then when she did cheer up, she was very happy. It was all very Jekyll-and-Hyde.

She was also very picky about eating. The food was always the wrong food and/or the wrong amount. She would get so upset that she would impulsively throw her fork or spoon—or even her glass of water—to get it away from her. Then she would cry for the food that she had thrown away from herself. Every meal was a nightmare.

She was also having a very difficult time going to sleep even though she would lie down and very patiently try to fall asleep. She would close her eyes and relax, but it would take hours for her to finally drift off. Once she fell asleep, though, she would sleep well.

Her bowel movements were VERY smelly and full of undigested food.

Finally, she had a huge long crying spell of 30 minutes or so. It was awful. She was so hysterical…nothing I did calmed her down.

Dr. Marilyn Chernoff determined that it was the hormone melatonin that was giving my daughter so much trouble. She treated her that day. In the morning, I looked at my daughter’s skin and saw that although the eczema was still there, the raised areas were completely flat. Her skin was no longer red and she was scratching much less! That morning she ate breakfast without incident. She seemed calmer and happier and played with her sister without arguing. Her mood was much smoother all day, and even though she was a bit fussy, she had no crying spells at all. That night she fell asleep so easily and quickly that I didn’t even have time to finish reading her bedtime story.

The next day her skin was smooth and much healthier—she actually had soft skin in lots of places! The fine-sandpaper feel was gone. There was no redness, and the little scabs were gone and healed. She was only scratching occasionally. Her BM was much improved and she was eating foods without incident. She was also sitting happily with us at the table without incident.

At the end of the second day, I noticed that I felt like something was missing. Oh, yes, it was my 25-pound child! She wasn’t in my arms all day—they felt empty. In a good way.”