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After spending fortunes on doctors’ bills and pills and enduring many surgeries, when patients finally arrive at Dr. Marilyn’s door, many of them are enthusiastic about her approaches and unique solutions to their particular set of problems. Many come after doctors have told them things like, “We think your problem is imaginary or mental, and we cannot offer you any more help.” They come bearing a damaging belief that they have no choice but to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Once cleared of a problem, these now-pain-free patients are often thrilled to write a testimonial extolling the success of their treatments. The patient feedback included in this website only represents a fraction of the positive and wonderful comments Dr. Marilyn has received about her work.

Please read these brief testimonials; as you do, know that there are many, many more. If you would like additional information on a specific topic, we probably have a testimonial we can send you. We are delighted that our clients think so much of our good work they are eager to tell us and let us help others.

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