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The older we get, the more difficult it is for us to rid ourselves of allergies and the more susceptible we are to pain and discomfort. At times, we eat something that doesn’t agree with us, and the aftereffects–stomachaches, diarrhea, headaches, joint pains, etc.–are brushed off as being due to “something I ate.” That may be true, but if we could identify what caused the problem and then clear away the issue, perhaps then we could eat what originally created the problem without any negative impact.

Let’s look at aspirin: a tablet may make the pain of a headache go away, but it won’t cure the headache–it will only ease the symptoms. The headache will return the next time we indulge in whatever originally caused the headache. Whether we’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance or are having an allergic reaction to clothing or something in our cars (or to the food we eat or to something in our workplaces), identifying the root causes of our problems is critical to finding a solution. All of these scenarios can cause pain and allergic reactions, therefore affecting our bodies’ ability to deal with them.

We are born with the ability to overcome many allergies in our lifetime. Think of a glass that’s filled part-way. (The glass is a receptacle for things that can harm us.) As allergies collect in the glass, our immune system protects us–the allergy will not affect us, and our bodies are able to ignore the allergens. Over time, however, we add more and more allergens to the glass…and eventually it overflows. From that point on, any new allergy–any reaction–cannot be accepted by our bodies, and we suffer pain and experience an allergic reaction. As time goes on, the root cause of the allergy becomes more and more difficult to diagnose; we are more and more easily affected by the allergy. The core problem is harder to treat, the reaction is more complicated, and more organs are affected.

There are people whose glass is quite small. For these people, their glass overflows after only a short amount of time. These people can no longer travel because they cannot stay in motels or eat in restaurants–from sheets to silverware, their bodies reject almost anything. For them, life has to be antiseptic: they must limit themselves to only those things that they know will not cause allergic reactions.

NAET and other natural modalities are used to identify the real reason–i.e., the underlying problem–and then treat the root issue. It may take a number of treatments to identify and treat a symptom, but perseverance is necessary. We did not get to be adults by living in a sterile environment, and many allergies occur after individuals have been affected a number of times. Some people discover they have allergies after they move to a new home in a new town or take a new job at a new office. Sometimes the allergies they acquire may take time to let their effects be felt, but in the end, the allergy will create problems.