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“I first visited Dr. Marilyn Chernoff because I was experiencing muscle pains and weakness (as well as hypertension). However, during my initial assessment, I mentioned that I had developed a muscle weakness in the fifth finger of my right hand. I had attributed this to the fact that I had had polio as a child.

Dr. Chernoff immediately associated this particular weakness with my heart meridian and treated me for both conditions.

The day after our healing session, I happened to pass my piano and decided to stop and play for awhile. I chose to play the third movement of the Beethoven sonata, Opus 27, No. 2 in C-sharp minor (“The Moonlight”).

I had not attempted to play this particular movement in some years since its technical demands far exceeded the mobility of my fifth finger. To my astonishment, however, I discovered that the numbness and weakness in my right hand had completely disappeared! I was able to perform as I had not performed in years.

I am most grateful to have experienced not only Dr. Chernoff’s assessment insights, but also her most gifted healing abilities.”

— Dr. Christopher P. L.


“Having a severe headache is like walking a thin line between life and death: you know that you’re alive, that you’re breathing and that you’re able to communicate with others, but secretly, you’re wishing it could all be over…even if “all over” means you would die. The pain is so extreme, you don’t know what to do. Drugs don’t help and nothing can give you any peace. I remember how I used to stand over the bathroom sink and wait—I expected my nose to detach from my face because the pressure was so strong. My vision was blurred, my hearing was dulled, and my body would immediately go into evacuation mode. I would get tremors, diarrhea, and nausea. Doctors gave me everything from Ativan to Codeine to Valium. Nothing worked. For two months, I took 800 mg of Motrin every 3 and 1/2 hours; finally, I felt some relief. I went from 127 pounds to 95 pounds in under two months. I was almost invisible.

When you’re sick and no one can tell you what the cause of your pain is or what your solution is, you become increasingly hopeless. Experiencing long periods of illness makes you feel like you’re a gas tank filled with hope: when you have countless rough days and nights, your “hope tank” starts to go down; eventually, you’re on E. You don’t want to continue—instead, you beg God to just put you out of your misery because you’re sure that you can’t take it for even one more day.

When my headaches finally stopped, it was like I was given a new lease on life. I was thankful for everything, even for the other symptoms that remained—the other symptoms caused a different kind of pain. Finally, I got a break. My “hope tank” started to feel full again, and I reverted back to my old self and fought to get better. Just having one good day—even one amongst many bad ones—was enough to pump more hope into my life and to restore my spirit and my love for life. I knew, though, that just having one bad day would pull me back down into a pit of hopeless knowledge that I would die from whatever it is that was causing my misery. That’s what happens when you’re sure that no one knows why you’re sick or how to make you whole again.

NAET got rid of my headaches and got my “hope tank” back to full.”

— S.F.


“Dear Dr. Chernoff,

Please accept this letter as an appreciation of your healing talents.

Ten months ago, I injured my shoulder when I was lifting weights with my trainer. Over the course of the following nine months, I tried a multitude of things to heal my shoulder—massage, chiropractic care, and Traumeel, a topical homeopathic cream. My trainer was also very careful not to irritate my injury with any exercise that could have possibly caused shoulder pain. Not only did the above attempts at healing fail, however, I continued to have less and less mobility in my shoulder.

After going through the first five NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Treatments) sessions, you tested me for [a sensitivity to] acrylic nails. WOW!!! I tested a definite “yes” in terms of the nails causing harm to my shoulder!

Little did I expect such amazing results so quickly after my acrylic treatment. Within two weeks, I was back to having fifty percent mobility in my shoulder. Now—at four weeks—I am at ninety-five percent improved. I am sure that last five percent will come as a consequence of the laser treatments you have planned for me.

My trainer was amazed at the fast improvement, especially because he’d had to baby my shoulder throughout the past nine months of my workouts. Now, though—seemingly all of a sudden—we’re actually building my shoulder back up to what it was prior to my injury.

My continued education regarding wellness has answered my question of “Did I injure my shoulder because I lifted too much, or did my allergy to my acrylic nails injure my shoulder?” Obviously, NAET works!

I’ve always done my best to be healthy and happy. Thank you for your part in fulfilling my happy, healthy lifestyle!


— Julie F.


“Dear Dr. Chernoff,

Thank you so much for treating me for oxytocin/pitocin. My skin was very dry, so that dry that I hated even taking a shower because I knew I would itch afterwards. My hands looked like an old relief map; I couldn’t moisturize them enough. Creams just wouldn’t penetrate the surface to make my skin smooth. For a month, I had small itchy bumps in my hairline. I kept thinking they’d disappear, but then I got one in my eyebrow.

When you treated me for oxytocin/pitocin, all of this completely disappeared. My skin is smooth again! And my hands are MY hands again. I can style my hair without pain—the itching, painful bumps are completely gone!

Thank you so much. I am back to my happy, normal routine because of N.A.E.T.”

— Annie

I couldn’t walk, stand up, or lay down after damage from an angiogram…

“After having an angiogram, I begin having an annoying pain on the right side of my right foot. At night, I couldn’t lay on my right side because the pain kept me awake. Then—about two weeks later—I begin having pain coming from what I thought was my sciatic nerve. (The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down into the lower limb.) The pain was even worse than sciatic pain, though—it shot down my right hip, crossed over in front of my right leg, then ran down the inside of my leg and out the right side of my right foot.

By then, the pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t walk, stand up, sit down, or lay down without experiencing major pain. Nothing I could do stopped the pain, not even meds. I scheduled an appointment to see a Body Mechanic doctor who works on all of the Dallas Cowboys. He assured me that he would have me up and going in just a few treatments. Well, he gave up! He actually said, “Clara, I don’t believe this is coming from your back—I give up.”

He thought I had some kind of nerve damage, so I went to an orthopedic doctor. That doctor wanted to do surgery. Thank goodness I didn’t allow that to happen! Instead, I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Marilyn Chernoff in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As soon as Dr. Marilyn performed a nerve treatment on me, I could feel a difference. I flew home afterwards pain-free.

There’s no way I can begin to express my gratitude and thankfulness for Dr. Marilyn and NAET. They are truly a godsend. God bless them! I will be forever indebted!”

— Clara
Dallas, Texas


“Thank you for helping me with my eyes! And to think I almost didn’t call and ask for your help…

I had terrible symptoms: my eyes were extremely itchy, they were crusty upon waking, yellow gunk was coming out of them, and my eyelids were so swollen that they were closing up more and more. I went to the hospital and waited for four hours to see a nurse. But the hospital staff didn’t know what was wrong—they just told me to take Claritin. If my eyes didn’t get better, they said, they would give me antibiotics. After hearing this, I decided to try Dr. Chernoff.

Dr. Chernoff found that I needed a boost of stomach acid and a treatment to counteract DDT residues. After the treatment, my itching stopped almost right away. By morning, I was almost back to normal. Now I have no problems!

Thank you, Dr. Chernoff, for your insight!


— Grace


“For the past year, I have had a painful knot at the base of my skull. I had sixteen chiropractic treatments throughout the year that usually brought some relief…but only for one or two days. My body couldn’t seem to hold an adjustment. That was when I contacted Dr. Marilyn Chernoff. She treated my sympathetic nervous system. The following morning, the knot was very tender, and the sacral region of my back had a hot spot that was on fire. (That had been a trouble spot all year long.) By the end of that day, however, I was virtually pain-free for the first time in a year. Unbelievable! I am still enjoying great improvement in the range of motion when I turn my head. Thank you, Dr. Marilyn, for always being there for us!”

— Lilla S.
Marshalltown, Iowa


“For a year, the tendonitis pain in my thumbs radiated up my forearm, which prompted me to start seeing Dr. Chernoff for NAET treatments. After each session, I got better, but then after she treated me for black widow spider, the pain that had been shooting up my arm went away entirely.

During the treatment, my arm felt prickly; so did other parts of my body. I’m sure if I hadn’t gotten treated for this, I would have had more problems further down the line.”

— Cecilia


“Though I’ve had a throbbing pain in my neck off and on for years, for at least a month now, I’ve experienced continuous pain. It radiated straight across my neck to the point where I was having a difficult time turning my neck. My massage therapist recommended that I see Dr. Chernoff.

Her neurosensitivity testing revealed outer ear involvement and a weakness in my heart valve. My throbbing neck pain, she found, was being caused by an allergy to trees. During her treatment, I felt like something was moving through my feet…and ever since then, I haven’t had any pain or difficulty with my neck.

Who could ever imagine that trees could be the cause of neck pain!??”

— Margie D.


“I have had trouble with my lower back for about 25 years, ever since high school. After having had children, on three different occasions, my back went into spasms because I knocked it out of alignment. The pain was excruciating–it spread throughout my sacrum and down my legs. In that state, the most comfortable position for me was to be lying down…which, of course, can be very inconvenient. I had to take 800 milligrams of ibuprofen three times a day for the first three or four days just to take the edge off of the pain. Each time this happened, I was out of commission for at least two months while I waited to get an appointment with my physical therapist, visited him no less than eight times, and then received electrical stimulation as well as strain-counter strain manipulations. I was told that the space between my vertebrae was slowly decreasing and that I was experiencing mild degeneration in my lumbar and sacral vertebrae.

The last time I had an incident, the pain was so severe that I could only find relief by lying on an incline to relieve the compression I was experiencing. It felt as if my vertebrae were sitting directly on top of each other. But I had to continue with my life and complete my daily tasks–my life couldn’t stop because of my bad back. If I needed to lie down on the floor in the grocery store and lift my pelvis to relieve the pain, then that’s what I had to do . After two more days of ibuprofen and lying down wherever I needed to, I thought to contact Dr. Chernoff. I didn’t have much hope that things would get a lot better–I thought I had weak abdominals, not an allergy.

After seeing me, Dr. Chernoff reported that the vertebrae below the one that was causing me the pain was actually the one that was the weak link; furthermore, I needed to be treated for a sorbitol allergy plus an allergy to pasturella. I gave her an electronic okay to treat me remotely and then went on with my day, not knowing exactly when the treatment would occur.

I was out running errands with my daughter and complaining constantly of the pain in my back–I had to lie down whenever I could–when I suddenly felt as if something had just shifted. “Hmmm,” I said to my daughter, “I wonder if Dr. Chernoff just treated me–my pain level just dropped a bit.” It felt like the space between my vertebrae had just increased enough to take the edge off the pain. As the day progressed, I could feel things happening in my spine. It’s hard to explain, but I knew something was shifting. The pain was much more tolerable than it had been, and I didn’t have to lie down for the rest of the day. Sure enough, when I checked her email that she’d sent to confirm the treatment start time, it matched the moment that I’d felt that first bit of relief. From that moment on, my back continued to get better and better.

About two days after that treatment, I was in touch with Dr. Chernoff again because although I felt that the treatment had done all it was supposed to do, I knew I still needed something else to complete the healing. She checked me again and found out that my tampon was the culprit, the organic tampon that I had thought was the best choice for me. It was affecting my pelvis.

After the second treatment–the one for the tampon–I am good as new! She not only saved me the time and hassle of having to leave work to have my eight visits with my physical therapist, her work meant that I was also able to save money by not having to pay my outrageous co-pay times eight!! Thank you, Dr. Chernoff.”