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Welcome to Dr. Marilyn Chernoff’s Healing Center

Dr. Marilyn Chernoff is a world-renowned healer who uses her abilities to diagnose and treat patients locally (at her healing centers) and globally (through long-distance healing). She is a medical intuitive and practitioner of alternative healing methods.

Dr. Marilyn ChernoffShe is a highly sought-after practitioner; many of her clients hear about her through word of mouth. This website was created to be a resource for people who are looking for answers and would like to learn more about what she does and what makes her unique.

Before most clients contact her, they’ve already exhausted the options traditional medicine can offer them. Sadly, while being shuffled from one hospital and/or clinic to the next, patients often learn that as wonderful and life-saving as doctors can be, they lack the necessary time to rigorously identify and then treat what is going on in the body. Doctors do the best they can within the constraints of a medical system that has too many patients and too little time. Sometimes their best just isn’t good enough.

That’s why clients turn to her to help resolve their medical problems. To understand how she can help you with your specific situation, please take a few minutes to read some of the many (40) testimonials on this site. These patients have experienced a wide array of problems and offer detailed descriptions of how Dr. Chernoff’s work has helped them. Maybe your problem is related to pain or emotional instability or a difficult time sleeping. Maybe you’re experiencing backaches, headaches, hormonal fluctuations, or fatigue. Whatever ails you, reading through the testimonials is a great way to learn more about what Dr. Chernoff does and to see why and how she can help you.

Dr. Chernoff treats her patients at four different clinics: in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Boulder, Colorado (just outside Denver); Encinitas, California, and San Lois Obispo, California (midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco). If you are not able to visit her at one of her clinics, her long-distance treatments are equally effective.

If you are interested in learning more or booking an appointment, please send an email or contact The Healing Center at (505) 292-2222 or toll-free at (877) 222-9146.

And don’t forget to keep up with Dr. Chernoff’s calendar of events! In addition to authoring books, she routinely lectures and gives presentations on natural healing.


Understanding the Human Body

The human immune system is an amazing protective force: it is constantly on the alert for any danger to the body and is ready to attack bacteria or other foreign matter at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, however, the effects of physical stress, emotional stress, pollutants,* and abuse can all take a toll on the body’s ability to care for and heal itself. Being exposed to extreme stressors over a long period of time can and will have health consequences. (*For more information about pollutants, see Dr. Chernoff’s book, Daily Dose of Toxins.)

If the body is under constant pressure from external irritants, the systems that care for our body weaken and grow sluggish. Damage or disease begins to creep into tissues that used to be healthy. This damage further decreases the body’s ability to repair itself. And as long as physical and emotional stresses continue to put pressure on the emotional and physical health of the individual, the body will continue to grow weaker and weaker and less and less able to defend itself from future damage and disease.

Many widespread health problems are due to undiagnosed allergic reactions. If left untreated, these reactions can cause an increase in the severity of the affected individual’s existing conditions and limit his or her recovery.

According to traditional acupuncture thought, allergens cause blockages in the flow of the body’s energy-circuit pathways. (The pathways are called meridians.) In turn, these blockages create imbalances in the body’s energy supply to different organs or systems and thus diminish their functions. Meridian blockages manifest themselves in various physical, physiological, and psychological symptoms, including pain, inflammation, emotional stress, etc.

  1. Our complex body systems display weaknesses through acute and chronic symptoms. The healer’s goal is to locate those compromised parts or organs and then determine the right approach for altering any blocked communication to those areas.
  2. NAET, NET, TBM, and New Healing are some modalities used to ascertain an individual’s state of health. So is the most important one—medical intuition! Long-distance healing can also be done no matter where in the world patients may be.
  3. Here’s a brief description of how our bodies heal:
    • Healing begins in the deepest part of the body, then extends to the mental and emotional levels and the vital organs, then to the external parts, such as skin and extremities.
    • Symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse of their original, chronological order of appearance.
    • Pain moves from the upper to the lower parts of the body. For instance, a person is considered to be on the mend if the arthritic pain in their neck has decreased but he now has pain in their finger joints.
    • As the symptoms change, it is common for individual symptoms to become worse than they were before treatment. Despite this aggravation, however, if healing is truly in progress, the patient feels stronger and generally better. Before long, the aggravating symptoms pass and the person is healthier on all levels.
  4. Healing is individualized to suit each person’s situation and needs (which is the most important part of the process). The person’s energy pathways are carefully examined. If the symptoms are minor, blockages are minor. If the symptoms are major, blockages are major. Minor blockages can be unblocked easily, whereas major blockages take a long time to unblock.
  5. The human body can be compared to an equilateral triangle, with the physical, physiological, and psychological aspects each being a side. Each side of the triangle directly influences the other two sides. Health is present when all three are harmoniously balanced.